Current Steel Prices

The given Steel prices are compiled from pricing lists from various manufacturers and worldwide metal market data. Steel prices are updated regularly and are solely for reference.

United States
Material Location Current Price Change Price Date Unit
Steel Rebar New York 502.49 0.27 (0.05%) 2023-09-29 USD/mt
Material Location Current Price Change Price Date Unit
Coated Steel Sheet Electro. (Cold) 1.0mm Tokyo 166,000.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 Yen/M/T
Cold R.Sheet 1.0mm Tokyo 132,000.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 Yen/M/T
Deformed Bar SD295(direct)D16-25 Tokyo 119,000.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 Yen/M/T
Equal Angle 6 x 50 Tokyo 120,000.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 Yen/M/T
Equal Angle 3 x 30 Tokyo 130,000.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 Yen/M/T
Flat Bar 6 x 50.9 x 100 Tokyo 148,000.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 Yen/M/T
Gas Pipe (black) 50A (2inches) Tokyo 200.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 Yen/kg
H-beam 5.5/8 x 200 x 100 Tokyo 122,000.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 Yen/M/T
H2 Tokyo 37,500.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 Yen/M/T
Hot R.Sheet 3.2mm x 4 x 8 Tokyo 112,000.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 Yen/M/T
Material Location Current Price Change Price Date Unit
Beam Iron (150*150) Ghaziabad 57,300.00 0 (0%) 2022-10-20 INR/Metric Tonne
Beam Iron (200*100) Mumbai 57,900.00 0 (0%) 2022-10-20 INR/Metric Tonne
Billet Mandi Gobindgarh 49,600.00 400 (0.81%) 2022-10-20 INR/Metric Tonne
CR Coil Sheet Ludhiana 62,700.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 INR/MT
CRC - Cold Rolled National 780.00 0 (0%) 2022-10-18 USD/Metric Tonne
HR Coil Sheet Ludhiana 56,300.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 INR/MT
HRC - Hot Rolled National 670.00 0 (0%) 2022-10-18 USD/Metric Tonne
Ingot Mandi Gobindgarh 49,400.00 400 (0.82%) 2022-10-20 INR/Metric Tonne
Iron Scrap Mandi Gobindgarh 37,900.00 600 (1.61%) 2022-10-20 INR/Metric Tonne
Pig Iron (Foundry Grade) Kharagpur 48,500.00 0 (0%) 2022-10-20 INR/Metric Tonne
Material Location Current Price Change Price Date Unit
Billet National 520.00 0 (0%) 2022-10-18 USD/Metric Tonne
Cold rolled sheet Shanghai 4,795.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 RMB/ton
Color coated sheet Shanghai 6,983.33 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 RMB/ton
CRC - Cold Rolled National 709.00 0 (0%) 2022-10-18 USD/Metric Tonne
Galvanized sheet Shanghai 5,282.50 5 (0.09%) 2023-11-28 RMB/ton
Hot rolled coil Shanghai 3,998.00 8 (0.2%) 2023-11-28 RMB/ton
HRC - Hot Rolled National 571.00 0 (0%) 2022-10-18 USD/Metric Tonne
Iron ore Shanghai 1,008.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 RMB/ton
Iron Ore 62% Fe National 95,000.00 -94905000 (-99.9%) 2022-10-18 USD/Metric Tonne
Mild steel plate Shanghai 3,882.00 0 (0%) 2023-11-28 RMB/ton

About Steel


Steel is an alloy made up of iron with typically a few tenths of a percent of carbon to improve its strength and fracture resistance compared to other forms of iron. Iron is made by removing oxygen and other impurities from iron ore. When iron is combined with carbon, recycled steel and small amounts of other elements it becomes steel. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon containing less than 2% carbon and 1% manganese and small amounts of silicon, phosphorus, sulphur and oxygen. By far the most widely used material for building the world’s infrastructure and industries, it is used to fabricate everything from sewing needles to oil tankers.

Steel Origin And Distribution

Steel was known in antiquity and was produced in bloomeries and crucibles. The earliest known production of steel is seen in pieces of ironware excavated from an archaeological site in Anatolia and are nearly 4,000 years old, dating from 1800 BC. Proving to be harder and stronger than bronze, which had previously been the most widely used metal, iron began to displace bronze in weaponry and tools. The largest commercial steelmaking enterprise, Nippon Steel in Japan, was responsible for producing 26 million tons in 1987, and 11 other companies generally distributed throughout the world each had outputs of more than 10 million tons.

Steel Uses

Steel is the world’s most important engineering and construction material. It is used in the construction, automotive and aircraft industries, heavy industrial equipment, transport infrastructure, household appliances, weapons and so on. These are all things that have been shaping the world as we know it for several centuries. It can be recycled over and over again without loss of property.

Top Steel Producing Countries

Following are the major steel producing countries in the world:

  1.       China
  2.       India
  3.       Japan
  4.       United States
  5.       Russia
  6.       South Korea
  7.       Turkey
  8.       Germany
  9.       Brazil
  10.    Iran

Top steel importing countries

  1.       United States
  2.       Germany
  3.       China
  4.       South Korea
  5.       Italy
  6.       France
  7.       Thailand
  8.       Canada
  9.       Netherlands
  10.    Mexico

Steel production

In 2021, a total of around 1.95 billion metric tons of crude steel were produced worldwide. Steel is an alloy made by combining iron and other elements. Steel is one of the most widely employed commodities in industrial production. As the global economy expands, the demand for steel increases, thus creating higher supply needs. For instance, over the past 15 years, the global stainless steel production more than doubled, up from 24 million metric tons in 2005 to just under 51 million metric tons in 2020. In 2021, the estimated world crude steel demand was equivalent to over 1.7 billion tons and this number is forecasted to increase in 2021 in response to international industrialization. By 2022, the demand for steel in emerging markets is estimated to exceed 1.5 million metric tons, with the majority of this demand from China and India. Yet, various tariff and non-tariff barriers across countries create frictional circumstances for the global steel trade.

Steel trading

Steel Rebar is mostly traded on the Shanghai Futures Exchange and London Metal Exchange. The standard future contract is 10 tons. Steel is one of the world’s most important materials used in construction, cars and all sorts of machines and appliances.

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