Jowar (sorghum) is one of the most important cereal crops in the world and is one of the four major food grains of our country. It is a staple food for millions of poor rural people in Asian and African countries. Besides being a major source of staple food for human beings, it also serves as an important source of fodder, animal feed and industrial raw material.

The origin of sorghum is generally believed to be around the present day Ethiopia or East Central Africa. Sorghum was taken from East Africa to India during the first millennium.

Jowar (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) is an annual plant belonging to family Gramineae. Height of the plant varies from 0.5 to over 4.0 metres. The inflorescence of sorghum is a panicle, which is commonly known as heads. Grain is usually partially covered by glumes. The seed is rounded, pointed at the base. The colour of the grain is white, pink, yellow or brownish-yellow.

Major Jowar Producing Countries

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Sudan and U. S. A

Major Jowar producing states in India

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, RajasthanHaryana and Orissa

Important varieties of Jowar grown in India

Andhra Pradesh

PSV-1(SPV-462),CSH-5,CSH-6,CSH-9, CSH-10, CSH-11, CSH-14,PSH-1, NTJ-2, CSV-14R, M-35-1, Pachcha Jonnalu,Tella Jonnalu


BP-53, SURAT-1, GJ-108, BC-9, GJ-3B, GJ-40,GJ41,GSH-1, CSH-5,CSH-6,CSH-11,GJ-9,GJ-36,GJ-37,GJ38, CSH-2-13, GFH-4


CSH-5, CSH-10, CSH-12 R, CSH-14, CSV-5,D-340, M-35-1


CSH-5,CSH-9,CSH-13, CSH-15(R), CSH-16, CSV-12, SPV475,SPV-946,SPV-504, M-35-1


CSH-1, CSH-2,CSH-5, CSV-13,CSV-15, Swarna, Varsha,MFSH-4

Tamil Nadu

CSH-1, CSH-5, CSH-6,CSH-9,CO-10, CO-18,CO-19, CO20,CO-21, CO-25, CO-26,COH-3, COH-4, K-4 K-5,K-6,K8,K-10, K-11,K-TALL,PAIYUR-1,PAIYUR-2, BSR-1, APK-1

Uttar Pradesh

CSH-16, CSH-14,CMH-9,CSB-15,CSB-13, VARSHA,Mau T-1,Mau T-2.


Jowar Prices in Mandi Markets

Market Price Prev Price Change
Rajkot 2,150.00 2,150.00 0 (0%)
Thara 4,072.50 4,072.50 0 (0%)
Gadag 2,772.00 2,772.00 0 (0%)
Malpura 4,150.00 4,150.00 0 (0%)
Dhari 2,880.00 2,880.00 0 (0%)