Pioneer announces new soybean seed series

Z-Series soybean to offer agronomic advancements and increased yields.
November 17, 2023
Pioneer announces new soybean seed series

Z-Series soybeans, the newest seed series from Pioneer, will be available in limited quantities in 2024 and commercially available in 2025. 

The new class of seeds will offer significant agronomic advancements including improved disease tolerance for SDS, brown stem rot, white mold, and iron deficiencies. Z-Series seeds will also expand Peking and Phytophthora stack varieties and will increase yields through improved soybean germplasm. 

“This Z-Series class of soybeans builds on 50 years of soybean breeding at Pioneer,” said Liz Knutson, U.S. soybean marketing lead for Pioneer, in a news release. “During this 50-year history, we have introduced five soybean ‘series’ - B, M, Y, T, and A – that each signaled trait technology innovations and transitions and set a new standard for Pioneer soybean performance.”

More details on Z-Series soybeans will be shared at the 2024 Commodity Classic in late February.

Courtesy: Successful Farming

United Kingdom Agri Prices
Material Current Price Price Date Unit
Apple Bramley's seedling 1.25 2023-11-28 Eur/kg
Apple Egremont Russet 1.47 2023-10-12 Eur/kg
Apple Other Early Season 1.25 2023-11-28 Eur/kg
Apple Other Late Season 1.13 2023-11-28 Eur/kg
Apple Other Mid Season 1.19 2023-11-28 Eur/kg