Soybean is known as the “GOLDEN BEAN” of the Though Soybean is a legume crop, yet it is widely used as to very poor cookability and digestibility on account of presence of trypsin inhibitor, it can not be utilized as a now the second largest oilseed in India after groundnut. It varied agro-climatic conditions. It has emerged as one of important commercial crop in many countries. Due to its popularity, the international trade of Soybean is spread Several countries such as Japan, China, Indonesia, and European countries are importing Soybean to their domestic requirement for human consumption and cattle feed.

Soybean has great potential as an exceptionally nutritive and very rich protein food. It can supply the much needed protein to human diets, because it contains above 40 per cent protein of superior quality and all the essential amino acids particularly glycine, tryptophan and lysine, similar to cow’s milk and animal proteins. Soybean also contains about 20 per cent oil with an important fatty acid, lecithin and Vitamin A and D. The 4 percent mineral salts of Soybeans are fairly rich in phosphorous and calcium.

Major Soybean  producing countries in the world

USA, Brazil, Argentina, China, India, Paraguay and Canada

Major Soybean producing states in India

Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan



Soyabean Prices in Mandi Markets

Market Price Prev Price Change
Bishenpur 11,500.00 11,500.00 0 (0%)
Momanbadodiya 4,600.00 4,600.00 0 (0%)
Porbandar 4,590.00 4,590.00 0 (0%)
Thoubal 8,750.00 8,750.00 0 (0%)
Imphal 11,500.00 11,500.00 0 (0%)